Over a century ago, F.M. Alexander discovered a way of working with himself that completely changed how he set about doing any task he chose to accomplish. He also found that he could teach others how to discover a similar way of working for themselves.

The changes that occur in Alexander lessons can be amazing to experience for oneself, and to see happening in others. The process is truly simple, involving delicate guidance of students in activities of their choosing. The studentís observation, thinking and experimentation are guided according to several basic principles of movement, through gentle touch, verbal suggestions and questions. The teacherís purpose is not to impose a particular way of doing something, but to help students discover new efficient, effective, and even more fun ways of doing their daily, professional and recreational activities. As this process is learned, students become able to apply it in any activity of their choosing, from simply taking a step, to playing a violin, executing a complex dance, a martial arts movement or massage technique, or singing a song.

The Alexander Technique will not tell you what you should believe, think, eat, do or feel. However, it can help you approach what Alexander called "the indivisible unity of the human organism" - a happy, harmonious, working together of what you think, feel and do. If you enjoy being awake, attentive and have a spirit of adventure (or would like to), then an Alexander lesson will be a joyful, informative experience.

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