Exploring Movement with the FM Alexander Technique

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  Alexander Technique International Certified Teacher

  Learning in Action – An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Th 7:00pm–8:30 pm Fall classes start in Oct. 10 (6 sessions) $89.00 .

Fall Quarter registration is open. The next series of classes will be in the Spring.

Classes will be held at North Seattle College

For more information and registration, visit North Seattle College Continuing Education

 The 47th Annual Alexander/Barstow Summer Institute - An Alexander Technique Summer Institute June 2020. This institute continues the tradition of intensive Alexander Technique workshops pioneered by Marjorie Barstow. The teachers of The Barstow Institute continue her pioneering work. Practical applications with new or familiar activities deepen the experience for each student. Whether sitting in a chair or playing the violin, going for a walk or singing a song, the result of clear direction and attention in activity is a rewarding one. Each day Alexander work is supplemented with Tai Chi in the early morning, and Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement in the afernoon. The Institute is held on the University of Nebraska Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.

  Alexander Teacher Education Program at The Performance School Follow the link for details of the program and registration information. Other Events , are available at this link.

   Stacy's Bio.

 What is the FM Alexander Technique?

 Some hints for working with the FM Alexander Technique - if you have had lessons, these hints will be a helpful reminder. If not, they may jog your thinking a little, and will let you know what I like to emphasize when I teach.

 What makes the FM Alexander Technique unique?

 Some ideas about how we are organized in perception and movement. - This may be a bit long, but it should help you begin to make sense of your experiences during lessons, and begin to understand how learning the Technique takes place.

 Consciously Guided Observation - here is a process, that with patience and persistence, will help you discover how the principles of the FM Alexander Technique work in your activities. This takes a bit of time. I suggest you print it out, and work with it over a period of days. Or years, if you like it.

 Body Mapping - This article guides you through a practical process for constructively applying an understanding of anatomy to improving how we move.

 Thoughts on Learning and Teaching: - This article is aimed at teachers of the Technique or those training to be teachers. However the discussion of how I believe we learn the Technique may help anyone studying it to understand the processes they are going through in lessons and between them.

 The FM Alexander Technique and Tai Chi Chuan.

 The Performance School Website - The Performance School is a center for the study of the Alexander Technique. This site lists all Performance School activities and includes a great deal of resource material.

 "Improve As You Move" a newsletter of the Alexander Tecnique. August 2003

  Ease and Eccentricity: a new way to think about how we use our muscles, and what it has to do with the sense of ease acquired through application Alexander's principles.

 Tai Chi Chuan at the Alexander/Barstow Summer Institute.

 For a great journal of the Alexander Technique, check out Direction. You can find good books on the Alexander Technique at Mornum Time Press.

 For a teacher in your area, go to The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique (also a great source of information) and follow the links to Alexander Technique International (ATI -where you will find me listed) or American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT).